Allergy trick

Not one of the best tricks, but used last week in my restaurant..

Two ladies come in, sit down across from each other.  One orders a noodle dish with beef.  The other one orders the SAME noodle dish, only she asks for NO BEEF as she is highly allergic and asks for shrimp instead.  First of all, who is highly allergic to beef?  Must be rare.  Anyway, the lady with the beef dish eats almost all her food and the ALLERGY lady eats ALL her food except the last 1 or 2 bites.  Here I come around the corner with a big smile and a skip in my step…

“EXCUSE ME”.. the allergy lady snaps.

“Uh.. yes ma’am”.

“WHAT IS THAT IN MY DISH?” she exclaims as she points to a BIG piece of beef sitting on top of the 5 noodles that remain in her big bowl.

“Oh.. that is a piece of beef” – now at this point, I did not know what she ordered, I did see that she had a special bowl designed for allergies only, but didn’t know exactly where she was going with the first question.

“WHAT?” – you see, part of the trick is to act very upset.  The more upset you act, the more free food you get.  “I TOLD THE WAITRESS THAT I WAS HIGHLY ALLERGIC TO BEEF”  “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?”

Now understand that I am staring at a large white bowl with 5 noodles and one large piece of beef sitting on top and NO OTHER food morsel of any kind.  I glance over at the bowl on the other side of the table and see the other lady with leftovers that included beef and noodles.  At this point, I am completely aware of the trick and what she is attempting, YES! we got her..  Uh, snap out of it..  I am going to lose and you know it.

“Well ma’am, I have no idea”  “that is odd”  “I see you are eating out of an allergy dish, which alerts the staff you have an allergy.”  “I can’t imagine how on earth we could have put beef in your dish knowing you were highly allergic”

Because at this point I still don’t know what she ordered, I ask, “what did you order?”


“Ma’am, all I can see is beef and 5 noodles” – I probably went too far here, but then I said, “at what point did you notice the ENORMOUS PIECE OF BEEF THAT IS STARING YOU IN THE FACE?” as I slammed her head into the table!!!!!   OK… not really.  What I said was, “I wish you would have noticed the beef before you ate the entire dish so you wouldn’t be at risk of any injury”

“Well I didn’t so what are you going to do about it?” (she was still loud at this point but not loud enough for capital letters)

“at this point I am sure it is too late to offer you another dish (SINCE YOU ATE YOUR ENTIRE MEAL YOU LIAR), so how about if I just buy your meal today?”

In a calm, relaxed and much quieter voice, “Well I think that would be fair” “Thank you”

And there you have it….   The free meal.

By the way, do you not think it is odd that the HIGHLY ALLERGIC lady was not on her way to the hospital?  Or that her face and/or throat weren’t swelling up as she was dying from her allergy?  This is one thing I would change if I were you.  Add a little cough or rasp in your voice to make it more believable.

S. Hoffman


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3 Responses to Allergy trick

  1. shelleylou30 says:

    That is HILARIOUS!!! I sure hope she made it home ok!!

  2. Lauren says:

    I would have asked her if she needed me to call an ambulance

  3. gottabe4gsus says:

    Not loud enough for capital letters! That’s hilarious!!!

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