Broken Spirit

And the counseling starts…  I have a partner in my sorrow now 🙂

This story submitted by Jay in Jax


Thank you for creating this site.  It was uncanny how much your first two stories sounded all too familiar.  When Tony sent me the link I couldn’t stop thinking about my favorite story ever so I felt the need to e-mail you.  This story actually happened almost a year ago,  but I will never forget it.

My server comes to the kitchen and tells me, “Jay, table 61 is asking for you and they are not happy.”

“What happened”?

“They found a hair in their food and are freaking out”

I go out to the table to find 2 ladies and 2 young children.  The two ladies were staring me down as I walked up to the table.

“Ladies, your server said you needed to see me”

The lady on the right points to a strand of hair sitting on top of her saucy dish.  “I just found this hair in my food.  This is the grossest thing I have ever seen.  Do you not require your cooks to wear hairnets?”

I look closer at the hair she is pointing at and notice that it is perfectly clean hair (no sauce stuck to it) and it is sitting on top of the food.  There was about 15 percent of her food left.  I am thinking right away…  how did this very dark piece of hair not get noticed sitting in a dish of white sauce? and more importantly, how come it is so dry and clean? And….. my chef is bald, the girl traying up food has long brown hair and the server has blonde hair.

“Ma’am”, I say, “where did you find the hair”?  Of course I asked that, because it was clear to me it must have been hidden in the food somehow and miraculously repelled all sauce or she would have seen it immediately.

“What do you mean, where did I find it?!  -It was right there!”

I had really hoped she was going to say she dug it out of the food so it would be more believable, but she was telling me she didn’t notice this very clean, very dark piece of hair on top of white sauce until she was almost done eating.

To fast forward slightly – I apologized for the hair – offered to pay for her dinner and walked back to the kitchen.

A few moments later, the server comes back and says, “Jay, table 61 needs to see you again”.

I am now thinking -what can they possibly complain about now?  I bought the dinner.

“Ma’am, you needed to see me again”?

The lady on the left says, “I’m the one that called you back out here”  Here we go…..

“what can I help you with?”, I say

“I thought you were buying our food?”

I pick the ticket up from the check presenter and see that they were not charged for the meal with the hair in it. “Oh, if you look at the bottom of the ticket, you will see the $15.75 subtracted from your bill”

“I thought you said you were taking care of the entire bill”?  -the entire bill after the discounted meal was almost $40.

“Well, I took care of the dish that had the hair in it.  I wasn’t aware that you had an issue with the rest of the food.”

And then she said it……  I will never forget…..

“Honey, how can you feel good about charging for the rest of our bill?  After we saw that hair our SPIRITS WERE BROKEN” (yup – apparently you get free food if your spirit is broken).

I was not prepared to handle that complaint.  I had never had the BROKEN SPIRIT complaint and didn’t know what to do.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the conversation, but I am sure you figured out that they got their ENTIRE MEAL taken care of by the end of the conversation!  SERIOUSLY????  BROKEN SPIRIT???  Anyway, I have been in the business for over 20 years and I have never heard that one.

Thanks for giving me the forum



And there you have it – The free meal!  Great story Jay.  Thanks for the post.  Feel free to send me stories as they happen.



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