I’m a Bad Chef

Wow!  I swear I wasn’t planning on posting this often, but I had something happen today that I had to share.  This has happened many times in the past, but since I started this blog last week, it seemed to be funnier today….

Server walks up to the table, “Sir, are you ready to order”?

“Yes, I would like the chicken pasta with alfredo sauce, but instead of the alfredo sauce, I would like Marinara sauce.  Also, instead of grilled chicken, could I get the chicken fried”?

Server:  “Yes sir, but I have had people order this dish with marinara sauce before and they didn’t like it.”

The guy says, “Well I have had it before and I love it. Oh and can you tell the chef to add some extra garlic”?

“Yes, sir”

So the chef cooks the dish EXACTLY as the man orders.

Here I come walking through the dining room – again having a fun day and loving all the happy customers..  “Sir, how was everything today”?

“Well, the food was not very good.  The fried chicken wasn’t crispy and the marinara sauce didn’t taste good with the vegetables”

Now, I had no idea what was going on, so I offer to cook him something different. He agrees to get the same dish with Alfredo sauce instead and with the grilled chicken the dish comes with.  I go back to talk to the server and the server tells me the whole conversation about how he suggested he not order the dish with marinara sauce and we share a quick laugh about how he ended up getting what the server suggested.  (Believe it or not, we haven’t got to the good part yet).

After he eats most of the meal, I stop by the table…

“Sir how is the pasta”?

“great, thank you” – he looks back down and keeps eating.

When the guy finishes his lunch, the server brings him the check.  A few minutes later a different server comes to tell me that the guy needs to see me.  I am expecting a big thank you for getting him a dish he really loved.

“Sir, Sherry said you wanted to see me”?

Are you ready???   He is upset now and says, “Yes I do, I just want to know why you are charging me for my lunch?  I have been here over an hour and half for lunch.  I would never have come here if I knew it was going to take so long.  I am not happy”


Ok.. I didn’t say that..  What I did say was:  “Sir, I am sorry.  We can normally get people in and out of here in 30 or 40 minutes for lunch depending on what they order.  It did take a little longer today, but the dish you chose is one of our longer cook time dishes and we made it twice for you.

He snaps back, “You made it twice because I didn’t like the first one!”  (not loud enough for caps)

I look at him quite perplexed and say, “well sir, my server mentioned that you created your own meal and he suggested you not get it.  Then when you didn’t like it, we were more than willing to make you a new one.”

Then he throws it down…  “So you are going to punish me because I am a bad chef? I thought you were better than that.  I guess I just won’t eat here again!”

“No sir, I am not punishing you, I thought I had made you happy by getting you another dish.  I tell you what, I will take care of your lunch today and next time you come in, I will personally help you make a dish you like the first time”

AND there you have it…  THE FREE MEAL!!

S. Hoffman

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