Father’s Day goofballs

Ok…  I need to go off the subject a little to tell you about a few things that happened today.  These have nothing to do with free food, but have everything to do with the mentality it takes to pull off some of the great scams I have been blogging about.  People are just silly.

Here are just 3 things that happened today.  Keep in mind when reading these three stories that Father’s Day is a holiday.  Father’s Day is in the top 10 busiest days of the year and most people think about what they are going to do for Father’s Day at least 3 or 4 days in advance.

Story #1 – I got a phone call this morning at 10:30am (again it is Father’s Day)…

Me:  ‘Good morning, thank you for calling Skip’s Chop House, this is Skip, how may I help you?’

Lady on phone:  ‘Yes, I would like to make a reservation for my family at 12:00’

Me:  ‘Absolutely, how many people?’

Lady on phone:  ‘There will be 13 adults and 4 children’

Me:  ‘Uh… What??!!  Are you seriously calling 90 minutes before one of the busiest days of the year and asking me to reserve space for 17 people?  Do you realize there are other people that actually plan ahead and may have already booked that space??  I mean we are one of the busiest restaurants in town on one of the busiest days of the year….  Helloooooo…  McFly….’

I am guessing you know me by now and know that I couldn’t say what I wanted – so I say; ‘I’m sorry ma’am, we are all booked up for lunch, I might be able to fit you in around 3:00pm.’

By the way, it gets better

Lady on phone:  ‘Well we are coming in anyway so can you just put us down for 4 separate tables and we can pull them together when we get there’

Me:  Are you stupid???!!!  Scratch that – that was out of line…  I meant to say, ‘Ma’am, as I said, we don’t have room for a party of 17 people and…’

She interrupts me:  ‘We don’t need to sit at one table, you can reserve 4 tables and pull them together’

Me:  Is this really happening????  are you really that dumb???  ‘Ma’am, we don’t have a table that sits 17 people, if I were able to accommodate you, I would have known to pull 4 or 5 tables together, but we already have 37 reservations between 11:30 and 12:30 and I do not have room for your group at noon, but as I said we will be happy to serve you at 3:00’

Lady on the phone:  ‘Well, if you don’t want our business we will just go somewhere else!’

Me:  REALLY????!!!!  I don’t want your business???!!!!  What the heck???!!!!

Anyway, I have 2 more stories as silly, but don’t have time to post today..  I will post more tomorrow 🙂


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