Uh…… What Just happened?

OK…  as I said in my original post, I am lazy and you never know when I will post.  I had planned on posting more stories from Father’s Day but I got over my frustration before I got around to blogging.  Since this is more of a therapy site for me than anything, I figured no one would care.

I do have an interesting story from yesterday though that I still haven’t quite figured out.  It was one of the best tricks ever as they got two free meals out of me without my team doing anything wrong.

I will tell you what happened as best as I can remember and you see if you can figure it out…

I am walking through the dining room and a gentleman motions for me to come to his table.  His wife is leaning back in her chair with her arms folded and a completely disgusted and pissed off look on her face.

I walk up to the table and ask, “Is something wrong?”

The gentleman points at his wife but says nothing.

I look at the woman, “Ma’am, what happened?”

Looking at her husband without making any eye contact with me she says, “Oh no she didn’t!  You do not do that!  You do not do that!  Goin’ to come over here and do that?  Oh no, honey!”

Still with no eye contact I say, “Ma’am, I’m sorry.  I have no idea what happened.  Do you mind telling me?”

She does basically the same thing and says basically the same stuff only this time she makes eye contact with me for part of it.  She is REALLY upset.

“Ma’am I would like to help but I don’t know what is wrong.”

“Ask your server……  Oh no she didn’t….  Goin to come over here and…  You don’t do that!  You don’t do that!”

After hearing this for a third time with absolutely no information, I leave the table and find the server.  I ask the server what happened and she tells me a weird story.

“Skip, I went by the table and the lady told me I gave her the wrong order.  I explained to her that she ordered the chicken pasta and that was what she had in front of her.  The lady then says there is no chicken in her dish.  Of course at this time she had eaten about half of her dish but there were still pieces of chicken left.  I explained to her as I pointed to the meat in her dish that the 6 or 7 pieces still remaining were chicken, but I would be happy to have the chef cook her another one.  When I said that the lady glared at me and told me not to question her and to leave the table.”

So I go back out to the table.  As I walk up, the lady throws her napkin on her plate, stands up and says to her husband, “I will be outside!  If you want to put up with this nonsense you can stay here yourself!  I am not going to be treated this way!”  Then she scoots past me rather quickly and gives me a nasty glare.

I turn to the husband and say, “Sir, would you mind explaining what exactly happened?  I am still in the dark as to why she is so upset.”

The man stands up and says, “Don’t worry, we are not going to call corporate.  I have kids and I wouldn’t want you or the waitress to lose your job over this.”  He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a $5 bill and says, “I don’t mind paying for my beer, but I am sure you understand I am not paying for our food”  and walks out the front door.

I am standing there in awe of this couple as they never told me what happened, ate half a plate of food each and paid about 15 percent of their total bill.  I don’t think I have blinked since.

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